The origin of the company goes back for more than 30 years and it all started as a small one man workshop business, making small bathroom furniture. Expanding from a small venture to a medium sized manufacturer, Construct Furniture today is recognized as one of the prime leaders in the furniture industry.

Since its inception, the company has always adopted the philosophy to offer only the best quality products at affordable prices. This philosophy has proved the company right as we consider ourselves to be a leading furniture and door manufacturer in Malta. The company’s product exhibition is showcased over 3,000 square meters of showroom floor space above the company’s new factory recently built to meet the local and international business demand. Amongst Construct’ s vast product portfolio, one finds master and children’s bedrooms, kitchens, internal doors available as solid, glass and fire rated, flat main enhanced doors, external enhanced security doors, wall units, loose furniture, hotel and contract furniture. The company’s success is the result of continuous investment in product development investing heavily in the latest CNC machines and other computerized production plant machinery available on the market. These are supported by hi-end technology programming that allows production of innovative furniture designs. Such development allowed us to tap into various styles and designs such classic, modern and contemporary styles. We are also able to create a range of complex grooves.

Construct’ s in-house product development department has the responsibility to research, develop, design and prototype new products on a constant basis inline with market trends and demand. In the design and development process, Construct considers the unique demands of various living spaces and lifestyles popular amongst several client segments. This is achieved by their strong ability to use various materials combined in the furniture. Materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, glass panels, fabric and leather amongst others are constantly being combined with wooden textures depending on the style and needs of the client. The fittings and accessories complimenting their furniture are carefully selected from amongst the most advanced in the European industry.

All our products are manufactured in solid engineered HDF which is recycled natural wood fibre. Unlike solid wood, HDF can withstand hot climate conditions and temperatures fluctuations without being adversely effected. The HDF is then 3D membrane pressed by a scratch and stain resistant Polyvinyl Chloride Laminate. These come in a range of high textured quality wood grains. The polyvinyl laminate is processed is such a way that every groove and recess is highly detailed and its high textured definition is not compromised, achieving a natural wood aesthetic.

The laminates are also available in solid matt and gloss colours which we continued to develop in order to attain a smooth mirror like finish. These materials make the furniture panels and doors maintenance free and easy to clean. All the raw materials used in the manufacturing of furniture and doors, are all sourced from ISO certified European suppliers who are also certified to comply with PEFC and FSC standards. The selection of raw materials coupled by total quality management processes helps Construct produce furniture to an excellent standard.

Regarding the environment we have set agreements with recycling companies to collect and recycle our material waste. Our environmental standard is in compliance with the National Green Public Procurement. Excellent furniture can never be manufactured without good workmanship. For this purpose, Construct invests in continuous training for its people to ensure true craftsmanship. Con-struct’ s skill-full workforce assists the company to compete effectively by producing high quality products. Furthermore the company ensures to protect the health and safety of the employees and visiting clients, hence full commitment and constant improvement is set towards health and safety performance.

All information in this publication is provided for guidance only and is given in good faith. As it is our company policy to continually improve products, methods and materials, changes of specifications and sizes may occur from time to time without any prior notice. Slight variations in colour may occur due to various reasons including the limitations of  screen calibration. All the materials, hardware, colours and textures are subject to availability and may change.

Door jambs are produced in a modern type, not classical type, unless specified by the client. Universal door jambs can only be produced in modern. type